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Kangen Water cheaper than Bottle water

Kangen Water Cheaper than Bottle Water
Save you between $35,233 and $106,621 over a 15-year period!
Assuming that you have a family of four that consumes 2 gallons of water per day, here is what Kangen Water will cost you, compared to other types of water (this section is very surprising):

544731_3547405361919_625426203_nKangen Water: Costs $.42 per gallon. This equals $26 per month on average. In 15 years, it costs $4,760.SD501: $3,980

Filter Change: $360 during 15 years (every 3,000 gallon, so in 15 years you will need 4 cartridges) –

Cleaning Cartridge: $270 during 15 years

Electrolysis Enhancer for Strong Kangen: $150

Total = $4,760 15 years of Water

Bottled Water:

Dasani, Aquafina (Reverse Osmosis Water): $3.79 per gallon, $230 per month on average. In 15 years this costs you $41,500+. (largest size, 1.5L is $1.50 at Wal-Mart)

Fiji & Evian (Premium Spring Water): $9.00-$10.30 per gallon, $550-$627 per month on average. In 15 years it costs you $98,917-$112,888+!! You can send your kid to college or buy a couple luxury cars for this price! But more importantly, you miss out on good health. How ridiculous is that? (largest size, 1.5L is $4.11 for Fiji and $3.58 for Evian)

Note: These are the largest size Wal-Mart USA bottle prices in 12-packs, it is more expensive if you buy Premium Spring Water elsewhere or purchase in smaller units. All prices are in USD.

Home Delivery: $5.59 per gallon, $341 per month on average. In 15 years it costs you $61,298 minimum. (This figure is derived from one of the cheapest water delivery companies. Home delivery is likely to be more expensive.)

Brita Water Filter: $.22 per gallon, $13 per month average, in 15 years that costs you $6,014 ($2,364 + $3,650 for laundry & household cleaning).

Note: A 5-Pack of Brita Water Filters sells for $39.98 at Wal-Mart. One cartridge is good for less than 40 gallons. Assuming you will replace your smart pitcher every 3 years, it will cost an additional $34.98 per pitcher at Wal-Mart.Laundry: Tide 2x Ultra w/Touch of Downy, 170oz/81 Loads $31.95 at WalmartHousehold Cleaning: $50 for all-purpose cleaners per year

Note: Assuming a typical family will go through 81 loads in 12 months. By using in combination with Strong Alkaline Kangen Water, you will need to use just 20% of this detergent!

Kangen water new 2013 systemsTHE FINAL EQUATION: Kangen Water is 665% more economical than its close, but not ideal alternative and will save you between $35,233 and $106,621 over a 15-year period! These are some SERIOUS numbers and don’t even include the laundry & household cleaning savings of $3,650 per 15 years).On top of this, think about the massive environmental impact and the health consequences. As previously mentioned, Kangen Water also cuts down your cleaning costs such as laundry detergent, household and kitchen cleaning supplies. With 11.5pH Strong Acidic Water and 2.5pH Strong Kangen Water, you don’t need any of these chemicals! This water kills bacteria and emulsifies oils.

If you are buying facial toners, there is another source of savings. The list goes on and on.

Not to mention the time you waste on purchasing/carrying these other waters from the store, separating your empty plastics into recycling or the hassles of water delivery. The terrible thing is, you are wasting your hard-earned money for acidic, dead water, the very thing that is jeopardizing your health.

You can finance Enagic SD501 from around $100/month. You might be already spending $230/month for its closest alternative which doesn’t even have the many health benefits of Kangen Water.

Don’t forget you can deduct off your Enagic SD-501 water ionizer as a business expense as well to save on your tax payments.

Also, with Enagic’s solid compensation plan, you can make your machine pay itself back in no time. Just tell people about the water! That’s it. You refer only 3 people, and when those people refer 3 people each, you get $4,500 in cash! Your machine expenses covered! Now it is even cheaper than chemical-filled tap water.

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The oldest person in the world says the water from the Snow Capped peak of Illampu has kept him alive for 123 years.

The oldest person in the world says the water from the Snow Capped peak of Illampu has kept him alive for 123 years.

Oldest Living men 123
If Bolivia’s public records are correct, Carmelo Flores Laura is the oldest living person ever documented.

They say he turned 123 a month ago.
To what does Flores owe his longevity?
“I walk a lot, that’s all. I go out with the animals,” says Flores, who long herded cattle and sheep. “I don’t eat noodles or rice, only barley. I used to grow potatoes, beans, oca [an Andean tuber].
“The water Flores drinks originates on the snow-capped peak of Illampu, one of Bolivia’s highest.
The Water in the high peaks of Bolivia has been tested, to find it is high in alkaline minerals, high in Hydrogen and is nano clustered. Just Amazing!!


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Alkaline Water and Athletic Performance

Alkaline Water and Athletic Performance

Alkaline water is quickly replacing “energy drinks” as the best on-site option for staying hydrated and improving performance. Elite athletes are discovering the performance-enhancing benefits of alkaline water. And not just “on the field.” By drinking alkaline water throughout the day, regardless of their training competition demands they are able to keep their bodies hydrated and balanced before, during and after strenuous workouts.

Just like the rest of the body, muscles perform best within a narrow pH range. Everything from digesting a meal to extreme physical exertion produces free radicals in the body which deplete oxygen and pH, increasing acid levels in the body.

drink kangen water today atlanta ga

On a day to day basis, drinking alkaline water helps the body maintain its proper pH balance. When it comes time for physical performance, the body is starting from a healthier, more balanced place extending the effective workout time before muscle fatigue begins to set in.

Muscle Use & Acid Production As muscles work, acids and CO2 are produced, decreasing the muscle pH. Once muscle pH dips below the 6.5 level it is no longer able to function. As the muscle creeps closer to that 6.5 pH level, you start to feel the pH drop in the form of muscle fatigue. The body is naturally wired to maintain proper pH balance however during a workout, acids are being produced at a rate higher than the body can effectively handle.

An alkaline water regimen helps to maintain optimal blood and muscle pH levels when the body is in a resting or low activity state. By starting at an alkaline state, effective performance times are increased and the longer it takes for muscle fatigue to set in. Rehydrating with alkaline water during a workout helps the body balance the excess acids being produced by the muscles, extending peak performance time.

Everyone from elite athletes to “weekend yard work warriors” has felt the pain of post-exertion muscle pain. Overworked muscles and acids produced can cause soreness for days.By rehydrating with alkaline water immediately after exertion and maintaining an alkaline water regimen, muscle pain and the length of time you feel it can be reduced.
Shortened Recovery Times Elite professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike are enjoying greater endurance and better performance. They also find that post work-out fatigue is reduced dramatically – or eliminated all together – and recovery times are shortened significantly.

Traditional methods of hydration and electrolyte replacement do little to address the issue of acid produced during exertion. Instead, the gear the body up to continue to do more and produce more acids. In fact, many popular sports drinks contribute to dehydration as the sugars and carbohydrate content prevent absorption of fluids.

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is antioxidant water which helps rid the body of the acids and free radicals produced during performance. The smaller water clusters allow the body to absorb the water at a higher rate – and the minerals in the water carry an electrical charge for electrolyte replacement.

Athletes using alkaline water before, during and after performance reduce incidents of muscle soreness, have shortened recovery times and don’t experience the “crash” often associated with many sports drinks.


Hydration Factor and Ionized Water

Hydration Factor and Ionized Water

It’s been estimated that as much as 95% of the US population suffers from dehydration.  Fewer still fail to recognize their body’s simple cries for proper hydration.  This article lists some of the common signals of dehydration that most people fail to recognize and how drinking ionized water is more effective at re-hydrating the body than tap or bottled waters.

Dehydration Basics

The Mayo Clinic defines dehydration as a condition that occurs when there isn’t enough water taken in to replenish what is lost during the day.

Did you get that?  Dehydration occurs when there isn’t enough watertaken in.  Not sports drinks, not juice, not soda, not tea – water.   Almost every key function of our body requires the use of water.  When we don’t take in enough water to support those functions, the body begins to slow or shut down supplies of water to some areas so that the body can continue to function.


Lack of water intake can cause headaches for a number of reasons.  First, water carries certain minerals that are used for brain function.  Without sufficient water to supply minerals to the brain, chemical shifts begin to occur which the nerves in the brain “translate” in the form of a headache.

Blood oxygen levels are also critical to brain function.   When your water intake is insufficient for proper hydration, blood volume drops which leads to lower blood and oxygen flow to the brain.  Blood vessels in the brain begin to dilate and you get a headache.


Muscle tissue are both primarily made up of water.  Improper hydration leaves the muscles unable to perform at optimal levels – they become weaker.  Insufficient levels of water means that the lungs are unable to perform properly, causing a drop in blood oxygen levels.

These combine to create both physical and mental fatigue.

Inability to Concentrate

Again, this goes back to blood oxygen levels.  The brain needs oxygen to function.  Without proper hydration, blood levels and blood oxygen levels begin to drop.  The result is mental fatigue and the inability to concentrate on the tasks at hand.


As the body’s available water drops, one of the bodily functions reduced is the ability to eliminate waste from our system.  Not only toxins created as byproducts of breathing and digestion, but the actual waste left behind after our body has taken the nutrients from the food we eat.

Hydration is also lubrication – without the moisture provided by water, waste in the digestive tract is unable to move efficiently through the intestinal tract and colon which results in constipation.

Fluid Retention

When the body does not get enough water to operate, it goes into a sort of conservation mode.  Instead of allowing fluids to leave the body, it begins storing them which causes water weight gain.  The body will continue to retain fluids at a higher than normal rate until it feels that the threat of dehydration has passed.

Weight Gain

Study after study has shown a connection between water intake and weight loss.  Some weight gain is a result of excess fluid storage as a result of dehydration.  Another factor is water’s role in metabolizing fat.

As hydration levels drop, water is taken from every other available source in the body – including fat cells.  This lack of hydration of the fat cells makes them less likely to be mobilized or burned off as energy.  Over time, the body naturally increases fat cells based on the foods we eat while our existing fat stores remain less available for use as energy.

Dry Skin

One of the first things to suffer when our bodies are dehydrated is our skin.  When it comes to operating the human vehicle on a daily basis, our skin just doesn’t have the same priority as our lungs, brain, kidneys and other vital organs.

As less water becomes available, the body withholds moisture from skin cells and they begin to dry out.  Skin becomes dry, tight and begins to sag and wrinkle.

Drinking water has been a well known “beauty secret” for decades.  Better hydration of the body means more moisture available for skin cells.  Just like fruits and meats, when skin cells are dehydrated they shrink and shrivel.  When rehydrated they “plump up” which means healthier, younger looking skin.

Water Quality

The quality of the water you drink is just as important as hydration itself.

Water surface tension or ability to penetrate another substance will determine how effectively it can hydrate the body.  Ionized water is grown in popularity because of its lower surface tension and the restructuring of the water molecule clusters.

Where sports drinks add sugar or artificial sweeteners along with minerals to replace electrolytes, ionized water contains natural electrolytes which are activated during the ionization process.  No sugars, no artificial coloring or flavors – just pure, mineral rich water.

When the body is dehydrated, toxins are unable to be flushed from the body properly which means the begin building up in the blood stream and fat cells.  During the process used to produce ionized water, the H2O molecules are split apart to create negative hydroxide ions which are powerful antioxidants.

Hydrating with ionized alkaline water not only provides better hydration for the body, it also provides a rich source of antioxidants to help remove excess toxins from the system, reduce oxidative stress and restore healthy blood oxygen levels.

Just for one week – try replacing your sodas, juices or other drinks with ionized water.  The most common side effect reported from drinking ionized alkaline water is an increase in mental and physical stamina.  Most people notice it in just one day.

Reduced stress levels, reduced post-work out recovery times and improvement in the tone and texture of skin are also reported within a relatively short period of time.  Many ionized alkaline water drinkers taking medication for high blood pressure and/or diabetes find they no longer need to take these medications to control symptoms.  The combination of proper hydration and powerful antioxidants help rid the body of toxins that inhibit proper organ function.

If you’d like more information about the hydration benefits of ionized alkaline water, talk to a water ionizer professional or search the articles on this website.  You’ll find a lot of information about water ionizers and how ionized water works right here.

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that we see too late the one that is open.”

~ Alexander Graham Bell