Is Bottle Water the best for your health?

How good is bottle water for your health?

Here is a photo of your mountain stream bottle water!! The only thing bottle water does, is not kill you right away. It is more of a slow death. I can not name one good thing about bottle water. It is a marketing dream and the people have been taking for a ride. Cost 10,000 time more than tap water.

The water that you put into your body is more important than the food you put into you body. One gallon of water weighs 8 pounds, when was the last time you eat 8 pounds of food in one day? Ok maybe at thanksgiving!! Lol On most days you will eat about 1-2 pounds of food and drink 6-8 pounds of water. You can go forty days without food, but only 3-4 days without water. So what is more important? Food or Water.

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Three types of water

  1. Utility grade water
  2. Working Grade water
  3. Life giving water

Ditch the bottle and drink only Life Giving water

Researchers uncovered endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC) in commercialized bottled water

Many of us prefer to drink bottled water, swayed by the belief that it is fresher and better for us. But now, researchers have uncovered an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC) in commercialized bottled water, according to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE.



The research team conduced a review of data from previous studies, as well as a review of 18 bottled water products to see if there was evidence of compounds that block estrogen activity (antiestrogenic), as well as activity that would prevent any biological effects (antiandrogenic).

Results of the sample analysis showed that 13 bottles of water demonstrated antiestrogenic activity, while 16 of the bottles showed antiandrogenic activity.

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Dr. Shinya Promotes a Healthy Diet and Kangen Water

World’s Leading Gastroenterologists Promotes a Healthy Diet and Kangen Water for Good Reason!

Dr Shinya Kangen Water

Dr. Shinya’s Achievements:

  • He pioneered the Shinya Technique; the now-standard procedure for the removal of polyps from the colon without invasive surgery.
  • Dr. Shinya is Chief of the Surgical Endoscopy Unit at New York’s Beth Israel Medical Center, and Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine also in New York.
  • Dr. Shinya published The Enzyme Factor in Japan back in 2005.
  • Has partaken in 300,000 colonoscopy procedures.
  • Has developed an Exact Science for Colon Health.

.facebook_-1614523872 - Copy

Dr. Shinya, MD, is probably best recognized for his invention of the colonoscopy. He is world renown for his work and first hand accounts of diet and the colon. He has authored such books as “The Enzyme Factor” and “The Microbe Factor” that has sold millions of copies in the United States, Japan and other countries. He is a big believer and promoter of preventative medicine through diet and Kangen Water.

Two years after Shinya started examining stomachs & intestines with a scope he started asking his patients about their dietary history. There were huge differences in the intestines he saw–the healthy ones were clean, soft, pink, with transparent mucous, invisible blood vessels, and uniform folds. The unhealthy ones were swollen, spotty, with thin stomach linings, shriveled mucosa, unequal folds, pocket-like cavities that were often ulcerated, pitted, filled with mucous, as well as stagnant stool.

Now, after viewing 300,000 Intestines & Stomachs, Dr. Hiromi Shinya Has Something to Say about Gastrointestinal Health, “A person with poor gastrointestinal function is never healthy. When a person’s gastrointestinal system is not clean, that person will be prone to suffer from some kind of disease. In short, whether a person is healthy or not depends on what that person eats and how that person lives day to day. What determines a person’s state of health is the daily accumulation of things such as food, water, exercise, sleep, work, and stress.”

Mr. Shinya is not a promoter of westernized medicine for the mere fact that he has studied, viewed and made case studies of his patients diet and colon for decades and has come to the conclusion that one of the contributors to disease is the result of a dirty, acidic and toxic colon caused from unhealthy lifestyle choices. One of these lifestyle choices is a lack of consuming real whole foods that are abundant in nutrients and antioxidants such as a diet of raw vegetables and fruits over a poor diet consisting of mostly processed, acidic foods. He noticed a direct correlation between the diet and the colon and he authored a few books that describes his findings and solutions. In his book, The Enzyme Factor, He is quoted as saying…

“… A healthy and clean colon is one of the most important precursors to good health and that the great majority of body ailments and diseases originate in an acidic and dirty colon. Water is essential for your health. Drinking “Kangen Water” keeps your body at an optimal alkaline PH.”
Dr. Shinya, Author on The Enzyme Factor

Achieving Total Health – The Shinya Way!

Now at 75 years old, Dr. Shinya is still the Chief of Surgical Endoscopy at Beth Israel Hospital, and he’s still performing colonoscopies, in the U.S. and Japan. So, you might be asking, “How does this affect me?”

Well, because whether one has a genetic predisposition toward heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, prostate cancer, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or kidney disease—it’s your diet and lifestyle habits that will be the switch that turns on the disease or the switch to turn off the disease.

Over the years, Dr. Shinya developed some theories on health. One of such was his Enzyme Factor Theory and is based upon his best selling book, The Enzyme Factor. He states:

“… Enzymes are the protein catalysts that are made within the cells of all living things–and they’re needed to maintain life–think transportation of nutrients, digestion, excretion, synthesis, detoxification, decomposition, and supplying energy. There are over 5000 kinds of vital enzymes, each with specific jobs–like the digestive enzyme amylase that’s found in saliva & reacts to carbohydrates. Some foods like dairy products, meat, and alcohol require a greater-than-normal amount of a particular enzyme to break them down–creating a shortage of the necessary enzymes needed for digestion & absorption. ”
Dr. Shinya, Author on The Enzyme Factor


Shinya’s Keys to Good Health :


1. Eat a diet that is 85-90% plant-based foods 50% whole grains, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, barley, cereals, whole grain bread & beans including soybeans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, lentils, pinto beans, pigeon peas, black, white & pink beans 30% green and yellow vegetables and root vegetables, including potatoes, carrots, yams and beets, and sea vegetables 5-10% fruits, seeds & nuts Soymilk, rice milk, almond milk

2. 10-15% animal-based proteins (no more than 3 to 4 ounces per day): Fish of any type, but preferably small fish as the large fish contain mercury Poultry: chicken, turkey, duck–small amounts only Beef, lamb, veal, pork – should be limited or avoided Eggs

3. Foods to add to your diet: Herbal teas Seaweed/kelp tablets Brewer’s yeast (good source of B complex vitamins and minerals) Enzyme supplements Multivatimin & mineral supplements Fish oil–particularly DHA

4. Good Water is essential for your health. Drink “good water” Kangen Water  keeps the body at an optimal alkaline pH Adults should drink at least 6-10 cups of water every day Drink 1-3 cups of water after waking up in the morning Drink 2-3 cups of water about one hour before each meal.

5. Regular Elimination Start a daily habit to remove intestinal pollutants and to clean out your system regularly Do not take laxatives Eat high fiber foods–don’t get your fiber from capsules or supplements

6. Decrease dependence on prescription drugs by modifying your diet & getting exercise when possible Pharmaceuticals can tax the liver and kidneys. Many chronic conditions such as arthritis, gout, diabetes, and osteoporosis can be managed with diet and exercise.

7. Minerals are important to health Magnesium activates hundreds of different enzymes–and is required for good health. A balance of sodium & potassium is a prerequisite for life. Laxatives, diarrhea, excessive exercise can deplete sodium. A diet high in vegetables boosts potassium. Too much calcium after middle age can be harmful Small amounts of trace minerals work synergistically with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes: boron, copper, zinc, iron, selenium, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, & iodine.

8. Moderate Exercise appropriate for your age and physical condition is necessary for good health, but excessive exercise can release free radicals and harm your body Some good forms of exercise are walking (2.5 miles), swimming, tennis, bicycling, golf, muscle strengthening, yoga, martial arts, and aerobics

9. Adequate Rest – Shinya is a daily napper, so he goes to bed at the same time every night and gets six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. If you are hungry or thirsty, a small piece of fruit may be eaten one hour before retiring, as it will digest quickly. Take a short nap of about 30 minutes after lunch.

10. Breathing and meditation- Practice meditation. Do deep abdominal breathing 4 or 5 times per hour. The exhale should be twice as long as the inhale. This is very important as deep breaths help to rid the body of toxins and free radicals. Wear loose clothing that does not restrict your breath. Listen to your own body and be good to yourself

11. Joy and love will boost your body’s enzyme factor sometimes in miraculous ways Take time every day for an attitude of appreciation Laugh SIng Dance Live passionately and engage your life, your work, and the ones you love with your full heart

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Cooking With Kangen Water

Cooking With Kangen Water
  Food Preparation – Cleaning, Disinfecting, Soaking
  • Washing fresh fruits, vegetables and rice with 11.5 pH Strong Kangen Water will remove oil-based pesticides and herbicides that tap water cannot remove.  It eliminates the need for expensive “fruit & vegetable wash” solutions.  It also eliminates the absorption of chlorine into the fruits and vegetables.
  • You could instead try removing pesticides with Veggie Wash, but (a) it is expensive per ounce and (b) do you really think a quick spray is better than a ten minute deep soak of 11.5?  Try it for yourself!
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are also sterilized in 2.5 pH Strong Acidic Water which kills food borne bacteria, staphylococcus, salmonella and E-coli… even staph!
  • All cooking utensils, surfaces and cutting boards can similarly be disinfected.   This 2.5 pH water is used in over 200 Japanese hospitals to disinfect everything… even surgical instrument
  • Pesticide removal and disinfection also doubles shelf life, reducing spoilage waste.
  • Soaking red meat and poultry for 20 to 30 minutes – and fish for 7 to 10 minutes – will draw out excess blood, reducing foul or strong odor.
    • Anthocyanins:Clean certain fruits and vegetables with 5.5 pH water to retain their vibrant color if they contain anthocyanins such as asparagus, cherries, plums, grapes, strawberries, cabbage, eggplants, and soy beans.


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Kangen Acidic Water in the Bathroom

Kangen Acidic Water in the Bathroom

 Men’s Health

There’s a lot of information out there about Kangen acidic water uses for women but we men seem to have been left out of the conversation.   In this series of articles I’ll be covering some of the most common ways that men can benefit from using Kangen acidic water.

We’ll start with the most obvious application of Kangen acidic water for men – shaving.


Nicks and cuts happen.  Sometimes the bleeding stops right away, sometimes it doesn’t.  Rinsing nicks and cuts with Kangen acidic water stops the bleeding faster and kills bacteria that can leave you with tell-tale signs of a shave gone wrong.

You can rinse the area with acidic water from your water ionizer or apply it as a compress.  Using a small spray bottle that produces a fine mist will give you one more “blast” of protection against infection before you leave the house – or after a workout at the gym – to prevent infection or irritation from airborne bacteria and sweating.

When used as an after shave, Kangen acidic water effectively rinses away trace residues from soaps or shaving cream and encourages the pores to close.  Most after shaves contain alcohol which can sting or cause irritation.  Depending on how close the shave, you might feel a slight tingle but Kangen acidic water won’t irritate the skin like many other products.

Some men develop dry skin because as a result of shaving daily and many now use moisturizers to address the problem.  Ionized acidic water actually helps prevent dry skin.  If you are one of those men who use a moisturizer, you’ll find that your skin actually absorbs it better and leaves less oily residue.  If your wife or girlfriend has been using acidic ionized water on her skin, that’s a secret she may be keeping from you….


No matter how old you get, every once in awhile you’re going to have some sort of bump or blemish show up on your face.

Treating the area with Kangen acidic water attacks these blemishes in a couple of ways.  First, it helps clean the pore that is building up with excess oil, dirt or bacteria.  Next, it helps kill the bacteria that is likely causing the blemish in the first place.

Rinsing your face in the morning and evening with acidic ionized water can help prevent blemishes and bumps from forming in the first place.  Treating them with compresses, additional rinses or by spritzing the area with Kangen acidic water throughout the day will help them heal faster and prevent them from becoming so obvious that they seem to enter a room before you do.

Hair and Scalp

Another little secret your wife or girlfriend may not have told you about is how Kangen acidic water enhances shine, texture and manageability of hair.

A quick rinse with the water after you shower helps remove any residue from shampoo and conditioners and helps close the hair follicles.  It leaves your hair softer, shinier and more manageable.

If you battle dry, itchy scalp or dandruff, a post-shower acidic rinse can help too.  Just like the water helps with dry skin on your face, it can also treat your scalp – removing dead skin and bacteria, creating a protective acidic barrier and toning the skin to help reduce and eliminate itching and flaking.

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