Winter Dehydration The Hidden Causes

Winter Dehydration

You were diligent about staying hydrated over the summer, in excessive heat and strenuous activity. But did you know that it is equally important to stay properly hydrated during the winter months too? Many people neglect to drink the recommended 2 to 3 liters of water a day when it’s not scorching hot outside, but the truth is that the cold weather brings new concerns for dehydration.

Winter Dehydration

Here are some of the hidden causes of winter dehydration:

1. Increased water loss in cold weather. If you play winter sports, beware that you will lose more water than you realize under all your layers of clothes. Your body increases urinary fluid loss and respiratory water loss in cold, humidifying air. Winter athletes should be especially careful to replace fluid loss with plenty of clean, healthy drinking water.

2. Your body is working harder – even when you’re inactive. As the weather gets colder, your body has to compensate by intensely working to maintain an internal temperature of 98.6 degrees. You need to energize your body by drinking plenty of water. Hydrating in the cold weather will actually give your body a boost and help you stay warmer2.

3. Internal heating systems. When the temperature plummets outside, most people crank up the heat inside. Unfortunately, internal heating systems use dry heat, which can quickly cause water loss in your lungs and skin.Dry skin is easy to identify, but internal water loss is harder to spot and can often go unnoticed. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty; hydrate all day long to prevent winter dehydration!

So remember that even when the sun isn’t blazing down on you, you should still make proper hydration a priority this winter season. Skip the caffeine, alcohol, and sugary soft drinks and hydrate with clean water every day.

Kangen Water® is the only water we recommend for a healthy body and sufficient hydration. Kangen Water® is clean, delicious water that is conveniently available in your own kitchen! Just fill a reusable container with Kangen Water® before you leave the house, and you can stay healthy and hydrated all day long.


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