Organic Baby Spinach potentially contaminated with E. coli in 39 States

Taylor Farms Retail Inc voluntarily recalling some Organic Baby Spinach

kangen water e-coli

The recalled spinach is being sold in the following 39 states across the country: Wyoming, Wisconsin, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, Nebraska, North Carolina, Montana, Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri, Maryland, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Idaho, Iowa, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Colorado, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska, Washington and Oregon.

The spinach that is being recalled is being sold in 5-oz and 16-oz trays under the following names: Central Market Organics, Full Circle Organics, Marketside Organics, Simple Truth Organics and Taylor Farms Organic. All the recalled spinach has a “best by” date of February 24, 2013,

Your Veggie wash will not Kill E-Coli

How about Apple Cider vinegar? No

veggie wash

The power of Enagic’s Japanese technology to protect your family is truly remarkable. Wash your fruits/veggies in 2.5 Strong Acid water to kill all microorganisms within less than 30 seconds. Then clean fruits/veggies in 11.5 Strong Alkaline water to remove all pesticides, herbicides and chemicals.


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Dehydration is making you Fat and Sick

I would bet money that a majority of people reading this right now are not properly hydrated.

On the average, water makes up 60 – 70% of your body weight. The range is due to the fact that different cells contain different amounts of water. Muscle cells, for ex- ample, are 70-75% water whereas fat cells are only 10-15% water. Therefore, a muscular person will have a larger percentage of his / her body weight coming from water
Dehydration is usually expressed as the loss of a certain percentage of one’s weight. Scientists define dehydration as fluid losses greater than only I% of body weight. Water is lost first from the blood which is 90% water. If water deprivation continues, cells will start to lose their water content.

Why is it so hard to stay hydrated?
Our bodies are constantly losing water. The most obvious way is through daily urine output. If you exercise, you sweat. Studies of athletes have shown sweat losses of 2 quarts per hour while exercising! Most of us will lose less than that on our daily walk/run, but sweating is still a large source of water loss.

Do you drink a lot of water, but you are still dehydrated? You could be drinking the wrong type of water.

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Kangen Hydrogen Water

Why do so many choose Kangen Water?

Why do so many choose Kangen Water?

The TRUE story…

Enagic® is a Japanese company that is unlike any other in the world. A company with a product that has been proven since 1974. They not only provide you with top quality Hydrogen drinking water, but the products come with endless benefits that are absolutely priceless!factory

Enagic® is an honorable Japanese company that manufactures every inch of its product line in-house, from top to bottom. They are an admirable and ethical company who have held their long standing image as theGold-Standard of the industry for many years.

Only recently has there been a upsurge of knock-off products/companies claiming to offer machines capable of producing Kangen Water®. I urge you to be wary of their dubious claims and misleading marketing tactics! Just look for those who attack our trademark and make promises of superior quality for less money. Don’t be fooled.

A trusted name.

KangenA trusted name by over 500,000 households! Why is this?

Here’s one reason: Unparalleled Quality. You can expect the life of your machine to last well beyond 15 years with a full 5 year warranty, bumper to bumper. If anything goes wrong with your machine, Enagic® will trace it back to the individual who handcrafted it to make sure that your machine is fixed and the problem never occurs again.

IN FACT! Enagic® tracks the development of each machine from the actual factory assembly line to the end user at home! The Japanese take great pride in their high quality standards. You can count on the most efficient and caring service in the unlikely event your machine needs service!


Kangen Water® is the name that started it all!

These machines are capable of producing the highest-grade ionized, alkaline water available anywhere in the world.

At the core of what makes Enagic® the only choice for Kangen Water® production is their patented, solid dipped, platinum plates. These plates are DIPPED (in medical grade platinum, at over $1000 per oz!) not sprayed like many of the cheap imitationsSuperior in every way.

What does that mean? It’s the plates that create the magic in the world of water ionization and these ionizing plates have a surface area that is larger than any other machine on the market. A whopping 4X larger than that of the main competitor! Enagic® is unrivaled in every sense of the word. Having more surface space and using higher quality, patented materials and processes insures they continually set the standard for water ionization.
But that’s not all… Enagic® machines are:

  • Built to last with a reliable solid, sturdy design
  • Superior in technology inside and out – top to bottom
  • Longest track record, certifications and recognition
  • Recognized and endorsed by Doctors
  • Used as medical devices in JapanThey also:
  • Reduce waste and energy loss from harmful bottled water production
  • Transform and revitalizes regular tap water
  • Help to restore health, reduce weight and toxins (thousands of success stories!)
  • Generate 5 types of water that can be used for a variety of purposes throughout your home, office, or business
  • Used and trusted by World-Class athletes
  • Hydrate more than half a million people worldwide


Customers can get PAID to drink Kangen Water®

Enagic® provides its distribution force with an unparalleled business model and provides its consumers with a generous kickback on referrals. This helps to alleviate the up front cost of the machine. They do this with a single goal in mind… to make Kangen Water® both affordable and available to every household in the entire world.

Since 1974, Enagic®’s entire business structure has been built on the foundation of word-of-mouth, person to person, human-based referral marketing. They have found success using this strategy because the product, quite simply and profoundly, WORKS!

Tell me now… What better way is there to share a proven product?

Drink the best water available. Transform your health and well being. Make a great income sharing Kangen Water® with others. Create miracles in your life and those around you. Feel good, do good… Life is GOOD!

Where Do We Go From Here?

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You have to decide when you want to start feeling healthier, more energetic and slow down the aging process.

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It’s your decision.

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