Top 5 Ways To Fight The FLU

TOP 5 WAYS TO FIGHT THE FLU. Find out the 8 other hidden truths about getting sick from this free report: Private Message Me If You’d Like More Information.


You are exposed to thousands of germs everyday- bacteria and viruses that want to get in your body and take over the joint. You guessed it…your only defense is your immune system- an army of warriors that protects you. When your army breaks down, you get sick.

Here’s the cool secret: it’s way better to boost your immune system with foods and drink to keep it working at peak efficiency than to take something to jump-start it once you’ve already gotten sick.

SIDE NOTE: Here’s a little known fact…boosting your immune system is one of the best ways to prevent cancer too A major function of some of your immune cells is to seek out and destroy cancer cells- that way the disease never really gets going.

What is one of the best ways to boost your immune system? ANTIOXIDANTS

Here are the top 5 antioxidants to help in boosting your immune system:

1. Vitamin C – increases the production of white blood cells and antibodies to fight bacteria and viruses. It also increases interferon, which coats your cell surfaces, preventing entry of viruses into the cell.

2. Vitamin E – Increases the production of natural killer cells important for destroying AND cancer cells.

3. Cartenoids – Increases the production of natural killer cells and helper T-cells.

4. Bioflavinoids – Blocks the receptors that would allow germs and other toxins an entry point into the cell. No opening, no access.

5. Antioxidant Water – The most natural way to boost your immune system as your body is 75% water. This small molecule water allows better penetration to flush the cells of germs and toxins. A very inexpensive way to keep your immune system in peak operating condition. Find out more:

Enagic Kangen Water Brazil Office

Enagic Kangen Water Brazil Office

Brazil  Enagic


Enagic Brasil
Rua João dos Santos
532 – Jd. Santa Rosélia

TEL: +55 15 3034-4132
FAX: +55 15 3034-4100

Office hours: (local time)
Mon-Sat 10am – 7pm

Who is Enagic International?

For over three decades, Japan-based Enagic International has been the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines. Kangen Water® machines are used in hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide to transform tap water into pure, healthy alkaline drinking water.

The Enagic Corporation feels that the personal nature of a direct sales marketing business model, utilizing hard-working, independent distributors is the best way to get the word out about Kangen Water®.

We believe this sort of sale and marketing method is the most effective way of doing business in today’s economy. In the past, wholesalers and retailers took the largest percentage of business profits, whereas Enagic believes that rerouting these profits BACK to the distribution force is the true meaning of Kangen Business (Kangen, a Japanese term, meaning to return to the origin).

Our corporate philosophy is based on three basic principles:

  1. Realizing true physical health
  2. Realizing true financial health
  3. Realizing true mental/metaphysical health

Our purpose is spreading this tri-fold truth throughout the world.

When you commit to purchasing a product of this magnitude, it is your responsibility to find out all you can about the manufacturer, their corporate philosophy and customer service and the quality of the product. This is why we invite you to take a closer look at Enagic.

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Do you have question about the purchase or use of a water ionizer for your home. Are you looking for the right information about Water Ionizer. I have over 4 years of training in the water ionizer industry. I can advise you about the right system for your health.

What is Kangen Water®?

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Problems With Commonly Used Waters

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