Kangen Water Dubai

It’s official!
Enagic has opened a Dubai office!

Enagic Kangen Water Equipment LLC
Office 105, HASSANICOR
Al Barsha first, Dubai, UAE

I invested US$4000 in a global franchise business 7 years ago. Today my business is in more than 20 countries and the latest is Dubai ! Not only this business gives us health wealth and happiness it also gives us the opportunity to change people’s lives globally ! Do you also want this opportunity ? PM us today we will show you the way !

The most costly thing in life is wrong information.

Kangen Water Get the Full Story!

Kangen Water® - Get the Full Story! This Wednesday Night!

E pluribus unum - Out Of Many, OneE pluribus unum - Out Of Many, One

Imagine ONE product that can help you realize total balanced health.

This ONE product can give you refreshing, clean, alkalizing hydration.

This ONE product can help you replace harmful household chemicals, and keep your home clean and green with Enagic® solutions.

This ONE product can help you prepare a path toward present and future financial stability.

Change Your Water - Change Your Life

There are so many different uses for the one and only Enagic® Kangen Water®, yet there is just ONE purpose – to help you realize true wellness in your life overall. When everything is connected and balanced, this ONE amazing product will stand out as the catalyst that started it all!

One Financial Solution

Are you interested in learning how Enagic® can help you achieve wellness in your financial life?

Thousands of Enagic® distributors have already claimed financial success by sharing the good news of Kangen Water®. Now it is your turn to put an end to years of financial struggles and begin your journey toward freedom and stability.

How Does It Work?

The Enagic® business opportunity is truly unique. You are far more likely to succeed with Enagic® because they have simplified the business structure and erased the middle man.

Here are some of the Enagic® differences you’ll notice right away that will mean more profit and continued business growth for you:


There is NO:

  • Middle Man
  • Volume Requirements
  • Annual Sign-Up Fee
  • Advertising Costs
  • Monthly Qualifications
  • Inventory Stocking
  • Auto-Shipments
  • Time Limit
  • Waiting for Compensation

Enagic® incorporates these proven business techniques to help you expand your business and exceed your expectations!

You can become part of the Enagic® family right now, and begin living the life you have always sought. Becoming an Enagic® distributor is great for any lifestyle.

No matter how many hours you want to devote to your entrepreneurship, where you want to work, or when you’ll be building your business, you can make it happen with Enagic®.

In great health

Chris Moretti


Why do so many choose Kangen Water?

Why do so many choose Kangen Water?

The TRUE story…

Enagic® is a Japanese company that is unlike any other in the world. A company with a product that has been proven since 1974. They not only provide you with top quality Hydrogen drinking water, but the products come with endless benefits that are absolutely priceless!factory

Enagic® is an honorable Japanese company that manufactures every inch of its product line in-house, from top to bottom. They are an admirable and ethical company who have held their long standing image as theGold-Standard of the industry for many years.

Only recently has there been a upsurge of knock-off products/companies claiming to offer machines capable of producing Kangen Water®. I urge you to be wary of their dubious claims and misleading marketing tactics! Just look for those who attack our trademark and make promises of superior quality for less money. Don’t be fooled.

A trusted name.

KangenA trusted name by over 500,000 households! Why is this?

Here’s one reason: Unparalleled Quality. You can expect the life of your machine to last well beyond 15 years with a full 5 year warranty, bumper to bumper. If anything goes wrong with your machine, Enagic® will trace it back to the individual who handcrafted it to make sure that your machine is fixed and the problem never occurs again.

IN FACT! Enagic® tracks the development of each machine from the actual factory assembly line to the end user at home! The Japanese take great pride in their high quality standards. You can count on the most efficient and caring service in the unlikely event your machine needs service!


Kangen Water® is the name that started it all!

These machines are capable of producing the highest-grade ionized, alkaline water available anywhere in the world.

At the core of what makes Enagic® the only choice for Kangen Water® production is their patented, solid dipped, platinum plates. These plates are DIPPED (in medical grade platinum, at over $1000 per oz!) not sprayed like many of the cheap imitationsSuperior in every way.

What does that mean? It’s the plates that create the magic in the world of water ionization and these ionizing plates have a surface area that is larger than any other machine on the market. A whopping 4X larger than that of the main competitor! Enagic® is unrivaled in every sense of the word. Having more surface space and using higher quality, patented materials and processes insures they continually set the standard for water ionization.
But that’s not all… Enagic® machines are:

  • Built to last with a reliable solid, sturdy design
  • Superior in technology inside and out – top to bottom
  • Longest track record, certifications and recognition
  • Recognized and endorsed by Doctors
  • Used as medical devices in JapanThey also:
  • Reduce waste and energy loss from harmful bottled water production
  • Transform and revitalizes regular tap water
  • Help to restore health, reduce weight and toxins (thousands of success stories!)
  • Generate 5 types of water that can be used for a variety of purposes throughout your home, office, or business
  • Used and trusted by World-Class athletes
  • Hydrate more than half a million people worldwide


Customers can get PAID to drink Kangen Water®

Enagic® provides its distribution force with an unparalleled business model and provides its consumers with a generous kickback on referrals. This helps to alleviate the up front cost of the machine. They do this with a single goal in mind… to make Kangen Water® both affordable and available to every household in the entire world.

Since 1974, Enagic®’s entire business structure has been built on the foundation of word-of-mouth, person to person, human-based referral marketing. They have found success using this strategy because the product, quite simply and profoundly, WORKS!

Tell me now… What better way is there to share a proven product?

Drink the best water available. Transform your health and well being. Make a great income sharing Kangen Water® with others. Create miracles in your life and those around you. Feel good, do good… Life is GOOD!

Where Do We Go From Here?

If you don’t make a decision today, within a few days, life will get in the way and you’ll forget about how important this really is for your health.

You have to decide when you want to start feeling healthier, more energetic and slow down the aging process.

Is that today? Tomorrow? Next week? 6 months from now?

It’s your decision.

Doesn’t it make sense to take us up on our 30-day money back offer?

Contact me Today www.kangen8.com

With Enagic you get a Exclusive Membership to our Resorts

With Enagic, YOU get a membership to our exclusive Enagic Sedake Resort in gorgeous Okinawa! — in Nago-shi, Okinawa, Japan.

When You Join us with Enagic, you get the best Perks in the Network Marketing Industry

  • Patented Compensation Plan
  • Next Day Pay
  • Membership to our Exclusive Resorts in Japan and USA

Enagic Golf Course its yours


Enagic Sedake Golf Resort


Enagic Golf

Enagic Next Day Pay, Best in Direct Sales Industry

Get Paid the Next Day!

Did you hear the news

Enagic® has unveiled a brand new SPEEDY payment policy that once again sets an unbeatable high standard in the direct sales industry!

Enagic Speed Pay!

Enagic® understands that you live in a fast-paced world, and your hard work deserves fast-paced compensation. Even though the existing 10-business-day commission policy was already the quickest in the industry, Enagic® has shifted to hyper drive…

Enagic Speed Pay!

Enagic®’s Next Day Pay on direct sales allows YOU to focus on increasing the scope of YOUR business!

Speedy Pay

Effective immediately, your referral commission checks will be mailed THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY after any Direct Sale. Once Enagic® receives your order via online ordering, fax, or drop-off, they will process it right away and cut you a check the very next business day.

view/download flyer

This exciting new policy only applies to Direct Sales. Indirect commissions to your upline will still be processed and sent under the existing 10 business day program.

So get out there and start SELLING, EARNING, and GROWING faster than you ever thought possible! www.kangen8.com

Keep speeding forward!

alkaline water online

Help Wanted!! Are you or someone you Know Looking for Extra Money?

Kangen Water

If you are tolerating a job that does not satisfy you, with a company that

does not appreciate you, at a pay that does not flatter you, it’s time to get serious about a rewarding career that can actually ELEVATE you!
Investing your time and energy into yourEnagic® independent distributor career will not only help you establish financial peace and security, but will also boost your overall well-being.

Here are just some of the ways your Enagic® business will improve and balance your life:


  1. You and your family will sustain true physical health by hydrating with clean, alkaline water. You will never forget that the core of your Enagic® business is a product that has made a difference in your own home.
  2. You can be present when your family needs you most.Working at home on your own schedule means you don’t have to attend late-night meetings that get in the way of your quality of life. Work the hours you want, wherever you want, and take care of the things that truly matter.
  3. You can have peace of mind when you establish financial health with Enagic®. The freedom to pay off debt, establish a robust savings account, and save for retirement can dramatically help reduce stress and promote a healthy mind.
  4. When others see you reach your financial goals, they will want to know more about Enagic®. Your testimony of success will be a deal-sealer!
  5. Sharing Kangen Water® with your community means you can invest in the health of people you care about. Becoming an active member in society is a timeless and rewarding activity.

    And when your contribution to society means you are helping to improve the financial and physical health of other families, your job satisfaction will be even greater!



This is your opportunity to get out of a dead-end job and get on-board with a reliable company who wants to see you achieve your financial dreams!

You CAN claim TRUE health and prosperity with Enagic®.

Contact me to learn more! Call 404-889-1150


“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing

that we see too late the one that is open.”

~ Alexander Graham Bell