Dehydration is making you Fat and Sick

I would bet money that a majority of people reading this right now are not properly hydrated.

On the average, water makes up 60 – 70% of your body weight. The range is due to the fact that different cells contain different amounts of water. Muscle cells, for ex- ample, are 70-75% water whereas fat cells are only 10-15% water. Therefore, a muscular person will have a larger percentage of his / her body weight coming from water
Dehydration is usually expressed as the loss of a certain percentage of one’s weight. Scientists define dehydration as fluid losses greater than only I% of body weight. Water is lost first from the blood which is 90% water. If water deprivation continues, cells will start to lose their water content.

Why is it so hard to stay hydrated?
Our bodies are constantly losing water. The most obvious way is through daily urine output. If you exercise, you sweat. Studies of athletes have shown sweat losses of 2 quarts per hour while exercising! Most of us will lose less than that on our daily walk/run, but sweating is still a large source of water loss.

Do you drink a lot of water, but you are still dehydrated? You could be drinking the wrong type of water.

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Kangen Hydrogen Water

Kangen Water cheaper than Bottle water

Kangen Water Cheaper than Bottle Water
Save you between $35,233 and $106,621 over a 15-year period!
Assuming that you have a family of four that consumes 2 gallons of water per day, here is what Kangen Water will cost you, compared to other types of water (this section is very surprising):

544731_3547405361919_625426203_nKangen Water: Costs $.42 per gallon. This equals $26 per month on average. In 15 years, it costs $4,760.SD501: $3,980

Filter Change: $360 during 15 years (every 3,000 gallon, so in 15 years you will need 4 cartridges) –

Cleaning Cartridge: $270 during 15 years

Electrolysis Enhancer for Strong Kangen: $150

Total = $4,760 15 years of Water

Bottled Water:

Dasani, Aquafina (Reverse Osmosis Water): $3.79 per gallon, $230 per month on average. In 15 years this costs you $41,500+. (largest size, 1.5L is $1.50 at Wal-Mart)

Fiji & Evian (Premium Spring Water): $9.00-$10.30 per gallon, $550-$627 per month on average. In 15 years it costs you $98,917-$112,888+!! You can send your kid to college or buy a couple luxury cars for this price! But more importantly, you miss out on good health. How ridiculous is that? (largest size, 1.5L is $4.11 for Fiji and $3.58 for Evian)

Note: These are the largest size Wal-Mart USA bottle prices in 12-packs, it is more expensive if you buy Premium Spring Water elsewhere or purchase in smaller units. All prices are in USD.

Home Delivery: $5.59 per gallon, $341 per month on average. In 15 years it costs you $61,298 minimum. (This figure is derived from one of the cheapest water delivery companies. Home delivery is likely to be more expensive.)

Brita Water Filter: $.22 per gallon, $13 per month average, in 15 years that costs you $6,014 ($2,364 + $3,650 for laundry & household cleaning).

Note: A 5-Pack of Brita Water Filters sells for $39.98 at Wal-Mart. One cartridge is good for less than 40 gallons. Assuming you will replace your smart pitcher every 3 years, it will cost an additional $34.98 per pitcher at Wal-Mart.Laundry: Tide 2x Ultra w/Touch of Downy, 170oz/81 Loads $31.95 at WalmartHousehold Cleaning: $50 for all-purpose cleaners per year

Note: Assuming a typical family will go through 81 loads in 12 months. By using in combination with Strong Alkaline Kangen Water, you will need to use just 20% of this detergent!

Kangen water new 2013 systemsTHE FINAL EQUATION: Kangen Water is 665% more economical than its close, but not ideal alternative and will save you between $35,233 and $106,621 over a 15-year period! These are some SERIOUS numbers and don’t even include the laundry & household cleaning savings of $3,650 per 15 years).On top of this, think about the massive environmental impact and the health consequences. As previously mentioned, Kangen Water also cuts down your cleaning costs such as laundry detergent, household and kitchen cleaning supplies. With 11.5pH Strong Acidic Water and 2.5pH Strong Kangen Water, you don’t need any of these chemicals! This water kills bacteria and emulsifies oils.

If you are buying facial toners, there is another source of savings. The list goes on and on.

Not to mention the time you waste on purchasing/carrying these other waters from the store, separating your empty plastics into recycling or the hassles of water delivery. The terrible thing is, you are wasting your hard-earned money for acidic, dead water, the very thing that is jeopardizing your health.

You can finance Enagic SD501 from around $100/month. You might be already spending $230/month for its closest alternative which doesn’t even have the many health benefits of Kangen Water.

Don’t forget you can deduct off your Enagic SD-501 water ionizer as a business expense as well to save on your tax payments.

Also, with Enagic’s solid compensation plan, you can make your machine pay itself back in no time. Just tell people about the water! That’s it. You refer only 3 people, and when those people refer 3 people each, you get $4,500 in cash! Your machine expenses covered! Now it is even cheaper than chemical-filled tap water.

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