Kangen Water 9.5

Kangen Water 9.5

A superior machine generates a superior product! Most Enagic® machines generate 5 different types of pure ionized water that range on the pH spectrum. These waters can be used in your entire household for a variety of purposes – hydrating, cooking, cleaning, sanitizing, beauty care, and more!

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Enagic®’s competitors may also claim to produce 5 types of water, but the pH range is much more limited!

For example, the sanitization and disinfecting properties of Strong Acidic Water are extremely powerful at pH 2.7, but the competitor’s product can’t get any lower than 3.0-4.0pH.

Get a Free 16 page report on Why Drink Kangen Water. www.kangen8.com


Ex-NASA Scholar explains Age-Reversal With Kangen Water.

Jonathan Amaret: NASA has been using ionized water sense the 20’s. Why? oxidation’s!! Astronauts live in 80% highly-enriched oxygen while in space, this causes high level of oxidation ( Rapid aging) so they must have a high -orp water to slow down this rapid aging. Now you can have this age reversal water at home with Kangen Water. www.kangen8.com

Kangen Water Part 2 of our Myth Busting

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Ready to Bust Some More Myths?

I hope you found the 1st Myth Busting post extremely informative and educational. Now it’s time to move on to Part 2 of our Myth Busting endeavors!

Let’s look at a few more False Claims floating around the internet, and dig down to the Truth of Enagic® and Kangen Water®!


Myth #5:

ALL electrolysis water devices have the same recognition from the Japan Ministry of Health. Enagic® hasn’t received any special awards, certifications, or recognitions.

I’m not sure who started this rumor, but consider it busted. Enagic®’s devices are licensed medical devices and have been granted a license number by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare (License Number: 27BZ006010).

Here’s a little history:

  • In 2002, Enagic® was individually recognized by the Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult Diseases, a renowned medical association.
  • In 2007, the Enagic® Osaka factory acquired ISO 13485 (medical equipment), ISO9001 (quality control), and ISO14001 (environmental management) license recognition.
  • The companies selling cheaper water ionizers do not have Japanese approval or even the recognition in their own country as a medical device. Please consider this fact VERY carefully before you purchase a machine for you and your family!

Myth #6:

Enagic® Kangen Water® machines have no benefits or advantages over the cheaper models on the market.

It should come as no surprise that you get what you pay for! Here are 7 reasons Enagic® machines are far superior than the competition (I could go on, but 7 seemed like a good place to stop):

Reason #1:

Medical Device Recognition – See Myth #5 above!


Reason #2:

Water Quality Association Certification – Enagic® is proud to be one of the only water purification and ionization companies in the world that carries three distinct certifications from the Water Quality Association (WQA) – one of the oldest and most prestigious international not-for-profit trade associations in the world.

Reason #3:

Premium Plates – I already covered this in the first Myth Busting email, but let’s review:

  • Enagic® – Solid Medical-Grade Platinum-Coated Titanium Plates, 4x larger than competition
  • Competition – Sprayed (sometimes baked) Titanium Mix Plates (impurities include a mix of iron, nickel, chromium, and copper)

Reason #4:

Production Rate – Kangen Water® machines produce alkaline water and acidic water at much more powerful rates than the competition.

Ready to Bust Some More Myths?

Reason #5:

Kinds of Water Produced

Ready to Bust Some More Myths?

Reason #6:

Service – Enagic® is the only water ionization company that offers global repair and support service. Only Kangen Water® machines can be serviced in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, Romania, Portugal, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Reason #7:

Direct Selling Association Certification – Enagic® is endorsed by the most prestigious members-only national trade association:

DSA Certified

The Direct Selling Association (DSA).

The DSA serves “To protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the independent business people they represent. To ensure that the marketing by member companies of products and/or the direct sales opportunity is conducted with the highest level of business ethics and service to consumers.”

Only 200 companies have qualified to be members of this elite Association, and Enagic® is honored to be one of them. Year after year, Enagic® has shown a deep commitment to the DSA’s mandatory Code of Ethics that sets them apart from every other company in the industry.

Myth #7:

Enagic® machines are more expensive because the company pays 8 different MLM distributors for each sale.

Pure nonsense! Without going into too much detail about the US-Patented Compensation structure of the Enagic® business opportunity, let me bust this myth as concisely as I can:

8-Point Referral Program

Enagic® pays “8 points” per sale, not 8 people. Distributors are awarded anywhere from 1-6 points each (I would LOVE to explain this more if you’re interested!). For this reason, the company usually pays 2 or maybe 3 distributors per machine sale – the distributor who sold the machine and his mentor(s) who helped train him.

This is no different from any other company that compensates the various people along the chain that helped make that sale possible. You AREN’T paying for the expenses of a retail store, marketing fees, and advertising costs.

This unique method of marketing is what our founder Hironari Ohshiro calls “Human Based Marketing.” It is a powerful way of sharing life-changing technology, person-to-person, without the need for a retail corporate chain. This provides YOU with the ability to share the wonders of Kangen Water® with your friends and family and, in doing so, receive a “Thank You Check” from the companyeffectively paying for your machine!

So why ARE Enagic® machines more expensive?

Ready to Bust Some More Myths?

Enagic® machines are made by hand – 1 technician per machine! They are meticulously scrutinized to meet the highest medical-grade standards in the industry. Higher quality (and quantity) plates + higher codes and requirements = premium product. You’re paying for the GOLD STANDARD in Water Ionization!

Take a tour
of the Enagic®
factory in Osaka, Japan!

Please remember that Enagic® offers affordable financing so EVERYONE can get a Kangen Water® machine in their home right away. You don’t have to make a large upfront purchase to start optimal hydration for your family!

When you want true quality ionized drinking water, there’s only one place to get it… Enagic®. Why else do you think so many ionizer companies compare themselves to the Enagic® Gold-Standard? 

Call me today or reply back to this email for more information about purchasing a Kangen Water® machine! There is more to this story and I would love the opportunity to share it with you.

Change Your Water… Change Your Life!®

Enagic Kangen Water True Health Webinar

I wonder if you can relate to this….

You’ve spent your life working hard to make someone else rich. You earn a paycheck that barely covers your bills, with hardly anything left over for savings. You work long hours away from your family, when you are home you rarely have time to enjoy the activities you love to do. This is called being in survival mode!

You’re completely stressed as a result of your monotonous daily schedule that might look a little something like this: 6:00am Wake up – 8:00am Go to work –12:00pm Woohoo lunch break! – 5:00pm Go home – 9:00pm Go to bed… 5 days a week or more!

But not only is your job demanding the majority of your energy, you have an abundance of everyday things that demand almost as much of your attention. Is it any wonder that you can never seem to get ahead? This cycle of trying to keep your head above water results in a stress level that creates dis-ease in your body.

And, trust me we’ve all been there!

This stress is causing your body to release toxins into your bloodstream that negatively effects almost every vital function in your body… read about that here. Obviously, this cycle cannot continue, not when it comes to your health and general well-being.

So, what can you do? After all, you have to continue to work to keep putting food on the table… right?

What if you were able to flip the script of your life in a way that enabled you to become your own boss. Instead of fulfilling the dreams of others, you could make YOUR dreams come true!

What if there was a “business in a box” with a proven company and a product that has the power to enrich your life in ways you never dreamed imaginable? What if this not only enriched your life, but positively changed the lives of all of the people you came in contact with? Plus, you got PAID HANSDOMELY at the same time?

So, if you can relate to anything I’ve said so far… Do yourself a favor and give me just one hour of your time!

We’re holding a webinar that you can join from anywhere, any computer or mobile device and I’m inviting you to this webinar, along with countless others who feel the same way to show you a clear path out of the daily grind!

I promise you that when you join us you’ll be taking one of the biggest steps towards Changing Your Life Forever! You don’t have to do or say anything on the webinar… just sit back, relax and let us show you!

After you watch the webinar, give me a call 404-889-1150 so I can answer your questions and so I can show you a clear and definable way to create a Healthy Mind, a Health Body and Extremely Healthy and Happy Finances!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Fuel Your Ambition With Kangen Water


If you are a motivated self starter looking for a great business opportunity to match your ambition and energy, take a look at Enagic.

Enagic is a Japan-based company dedicated to helping people develop entrepreneurial skills with an Enagic business. Enagic has been a trusted name in Japan and the U.S. for over thirty years. Enagic’s water filtration machines produce pure, pH balanced Kangen water with high standards of health and wellness in mind.

Building your own Enagic business is great for married couples looking to build financial security, semi-retired small business owners who want a second income, or stay-at-home moms who want a flexible part-time career.

Enagic direct sales is for anyone looking for a legitimate business opportunity with loads of potential. With an Enagic business, you have support from Enagic’s many offices around the globe to help you accomplish your goals.

If you dream about gaining control over your income and your time, contact me today to learn more. With Enagic’s high-end training, and strong, proven business model there is minimal risk. You can start developing valuable skills today!

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Independent Enagic Agent since July 2010
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