Reverse Osmosis Filter vs Kangen Water Filter

Kangen Water Filter! How do they rate compared to Reverse Osmosis filter?

Reverse osmosis water filters have been used in homes for several decades. I am often asked how the Kangen water ionizer and purifier compares to the reverse osmosis filters. what is kangen water

Reverse osmosis is commonly used in water bottling facilities. While it does remove some chemicals from tap water, it cannot remove the chemicals that are molecularly smaller. Many of the substances present in tap water, namely pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine, are too small to be blocked by the filter.

Another problem with reverse osmosis healthy water systems is the fact that they take good stuff along with the bad. Reverse osmosis strips water of important minerals. These can affect our health and the taste of the water.

Reverse osmosis water filtration may seem eco-responsible, but actually it wastes two to three gallons of water to produce one gallon of filtered water!

To recap:
Reverse Osmosis Process: doesn’t remove all chemicals, takes out important minerals, filtration process wastes water.
The Kangen Electrolysis Water Filtration Process: does not remove important minerals and is gentle on the environment.

If you currently use a reverse osmosis water filter in your home you understand the importance of healthy water. Reverse osmosis is a step toward perfect water, but the Kangen water machine takes you all the way. Learn More About Kangen Water systems.