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Be Healthy, Stay Hydrated!

Water is the foundation of your bodily health, as it comprises 50 to 70% of your physical composition.

You may wonder why adequate hydration is important if your body already contains so much water. Why do you need to “refill” everyday? Isn’t there already enough water in your body to keep you healthy, without having to add more?

Your body is water!Water is paramount for many functions within the body, from eliminating waste to maintaining a healthy internal temperature.

Without adequate water supply, your body would not have enough fluids to carry out its vital functions. Since you lose water every day through normal functions (sweat, urine, etc),you must replenish your fluids by drinking more water.

Dehydration is a result of losing more water than you intake,and it can have dangerous effects on your body.

So stay hydrated, and enjoy a healthy body!


Why Drink Water?

DeydratedIt is important to hydrate your body with the cleanest, healthiest water available.Remember, not all beverages can hydrate.

For instance, alcohol, caffeinated, and sugary drinks do not prevent dehydration, and unfortunately they can sometimes intensify dehydration symptoms.

Water, on the other hand, will replace lost fluids and help keep your body at peak performance. There is nothing better than fresh, uncontaminated water to thoroughly nourish your body.


Why Kangen Water®?

With Kangen Water®, you are drinking water the way it should be. Clean, healthy water, conveniently filtered right at home, will help you stay hydrated all day.

Kangen WaterYou can choose the pH level of your water for optimal inner and outer health. From supplying you with the recommended 8 to 10 glasses (or 2 liters) of healthy water a day, to moisturizing your skin with mildly acidic Beauty Water, the Enagic® Kangen Water® filtration machines will help sustain overall wellness for you and yourSD501 household.

When water is so essential to your health, you need high quality Kangen Water® to nourish your body from the inside out.

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100% Organic Kangen Ukon Turmeric
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How Can Kangen Water Help Pets

Kangen Water® - Change your water, change your life!

I would like to share with you some breaking health information in the holistic field.  I have been in the pet field for over 12 years and owned a natural/holistic pet store for 7 years.  The information below is about a new health technology, that has come to the USA from Japan.  It is called Kangen Water.  I have experienced unbelievable success with this water since I first obtained it 24 months ago! Kangen water is helping pets and their owners with many health issues.  This product is for everyone who wants to be and stay healthy.

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If you are looking for a cutting edge Health product Kangen Water is it!

Water is an important but often overlooked nutrient for Pets.

As a matter of fact, water?the often forgotten nutrient?may be the ?greatest medicine? for many specific ailments for all animals.

The Pets body consists approximately of about 65-75 percent water. The 10 percent discrepancy can be accounted for by differences in age and amount of body fat and muscle mass.

Water is critical for all body metabolic activities, and is required for a number of fundamental physiological processes, including normal utilization and digestion of all nutrients, regulation of body temperature, and muscle contraction with strength, joint lubrication and waste elimination.

How Can Kangen Water® Help Animals?

Kangen Water® is a healthy Ionized, Alkaline Water which hydrates, provides a pH balance, detoxifies and much more. Then can we share this water with our pets?  The answer is a resounding YES!

Water from Enagic?s Kangen Water Machine can improve the quality of life for our favorite pets.  Consider the fact that these animals spend all their time on the floor, the ground and even on chairs where we have used chemicals for cleaning and where they are prone to bacteria, insects and parasites.  Our pets can benefit from drinking Kangen Water, which can increase their immunity to these challenges, and help to detoxify their systems.

As the word travels and more people own Kangen Water machines, then naturally, more household pets will share in the benefits. Now, there are more farmers, veterinarians, horse trainers and breeders who are realizing the benefit of using Kangen Water in the care of animals. Kangen 2.5 Sanitary Water has already been approved in Canada for the treatment and prevention of infection making it perfect for commercial animal use to clean machinery, feed troughs and utensils to reduce the incidence of herd infection.

Kangen Water® as Healthy Drinking Water for Pets

When you give your pets some water, do you provide water from a bottle
or do you fill up their bowl straight from the tap?  Either one of these could be harming your beloved furry friends.  The bottled water is most likely very acidic, which creates a breeding ground for disease and discomfort, and the tap water is most likely loaded with chlorine, lye and other potentially harmful chemicals. So the same problems which can affect us from poor water sources can also affect our pets.

Therefore, when our pets are introduced to healthier, alkalized, ionized water, just like with people, pets have had amazing results.  Pets who have been drinking Kangen Water® have enjoyed more energy, brighter eyes, shinier coat, and healthier joints. Kangen Water® can be made in a variety of pH levels.  It is recommended that most pets drink the lowest alkaline pH level of 8.5.  Many pets are finding relief to their problems by drinking Kangen Water®.

With Enagic?s SD501 home machine you can make a variety of different waters straight from the tap which can be used for all sorts of different pet needs. Some for drinking, some for cleaning, some for disinfecting, so there are many ways that pets will benefit through the use of the waters with different pH levels.

Just like people, our animal companions need fresh, clean, healthy water in order to stay at the top of their game.  Did you know that pets are developing debilitating and even fatal diseases and issues at an alarming rate.  These include diabetes, arthritis and weight problems, just to name a few.  Take a look at these amazing true stories!

Some Testimonials from Pet Owners

Our dog Charlie, a Pit-bull / Pointer mix, is 10 years old. Over the past few years he has developed a mild case of hip displacia, which would make him limp when he walked and have to steady himself in order to sit.  He has also had severe inflammation on the inside of his ears that we could never get under control.  We also noticed that the pep in his step was starting to fade as he got older.  We started giving him the 9.5 pH water to drink and used the 2.5 pH water for his ears.  He started showing amazing signs of improvement after only a few days.  Now, his hip is no longer a problem.  He is bounding around like a puppy again and sitting takes him no effort at all.  His ears look great!  He is in better shape now then he has ever been!!  And the only change we made was the water we gave to Charlie.  Thanks Enagic, the Kangen Water gave us our puppy back! Charlie Pitbull / Pointer  Gerald K. Owner

Our Cocker Spaniel’s are thriving !!!! They have both been on Kangen 8.5 for several months and their health has noticeably  improved.  Coco’s Mom Patty makes a broth from the Kangen Water and Coco loves it.  One day Coco’s Mom Patty ran out of the Kangen and she purchased some Arrowhead and Coco turned up her nose and wouldn’t drink it.  Coco has been Patty’s cocker spaniel for 12 years and every three weeks has had her anal glands drained this past time she went 6 weeks and brought Coco in for her draining and the glands were empty. This water has detoxified Coco’s system and is helping her fight a debilitating leg problem.  Penny, on the other hand, is not as sophisticated as Coco in her tastes.  However, I have had Penny on Kangen water for several months and I make her Coco’s Canine Cuisine with only the 8.5 Kangen and cook her chicken in the 8.5 Kangen Water and it has been so tasty for her, that she used eat like a bird and now eats like a dog!!!  Her anal glands were impacted two months ago and I was scheduled to get them drained every three weeks and we went in and the Vet. Tech. said her anal glands were empty as well we are AMAZED at the benefits of this Kangen Water for our cockers!!!Coco & Penny Cocker Spaniels  Patty & Janet Owners

Vibrant strength and energy from drinking Kangen water
Skin, hair, fur that’s shiny, pest-free, smooth and soft
Skin relieve, itchiness and dryness and discomfort
Feces and urine odors eliminated

Keeps the pet in a pH Balance.

Drinking Kangen water for increased strength, vitality, and longevity

Animals are not subject to the placebo effect. When given the choice, most animals choose kangen water® over their normal well water or tap water for drinking.

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Work From Home with Kangen Water

Be Kind to the Earth…

Work From Home!

Let me share a recent discovery with you…

The United States Strategic Perspective Institute has suggested even more great reasons to work from home. Working from home is a smart option for eco-conscious professionals, as it can save countless resources.

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Take a look at these statistics about American’s annual commute:

  • Americans commute 36.9 billion hours a year
  • Americans drive 1.9 trillion miles commuting
  • Americans spend $255 billion on gasoline
    for commuting
  • Americans consume 60.5 billion gallons of
    to commute
  • Americans release 1.16 trillion pounds of 

Here are a few reasons you should consider working from home:

  • You can help reduce our reliance on foreign oil
  • You can help reduce pollution
  • You can help reduce global warming
  • You can save money
  • You can help reduce the costs for road
    and highway maintenance


Your Enagic® Business

That’s not to say you should accept just any work-from-home job! There are a number of scams and expensive, unfruitful ploys that are easy to stumble across and get trapped in.

When you are looking for a reliable, certified company that provides proven results and countless success storiesyou can trust Enagic®!

As an Enagic® distributor, you will have unlimited potential to earn income andexceed all your financial expectations. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for, to reach your financial dreams, conserve resources by staying at home, and improve the health and lives of your community with Kangen Water®.

There has never been a better time to realize physical and financial health with Kangen Water®.

Find out more about how you can avoid a wasteful commute by becoming financially successful as an Enagic® distributor from the comfort of your own home! www.kangenwatersuccess.com


“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.”

~ Henry Hartman

Water Filter Reviews what Water System is Best.

Water Filter Review.What system is best for your family’s health.

There are three main types of water filter system for your home. Reverse osmosis water systems , Carbon block filters and Ionizer water systems. We will break each one down for you to make the right choice for you and your Family.

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Reverse Osmosis water systems review

Water review reverse osmosisi

Reverse osmosis is commonly used in water bottling facilities. While it does remove some chemicals from tap water, it cannot remove the chemicals that are molecularly smaller. Many of the substances present in tap water, namely pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine, are too small to be blocked by the filter.

Another problem with reverse osmosis healthy water systems is the fact that they take good stuff along with the bad. Reverse osmosis strips water of important minerals. These can affect our health and the taste of the water.

Reverse osmosis water filtration may seem eco-responsible, but actually it wastes two to three gallons of water to produce one gallon of filtered water! Bad Choice for your family.

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Carbon Block water Filter reviews

water review carbon water filters

Carbon filtering is a method of filtering that uses a piece of activated carbon to remove contaminants and impurities. There are a million and one of this types of filter on the market, but all do about the same. They do take out the chlorine, sediment, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from water. They are not effective at removing dissolved inorganic compounds.

To us this is survival water. You can and will survive drinking this kind of water. You see this type for camping and to us that is where you should use this type of  water filter. Not for everyday home use.

Ionizer water filter review

kangen water filter

Kangen Water® is a water created from Enagic’s innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.

Kangen Water® also contains various minerals, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Unlike other filtration systems that filter out even helpful minerals, your Enagic® filtration machine will keep these minerals intact. This provides a high-quality water that can be used for many different purposes.

To us this last type of water filter system is the best for everyday water. Your body will crave this alkaline water.


Read this article about Reverse Osmosis vs Kangen Water

The Truths About Ionized Kangen Water

The Truths About Ionized Kangen  Water

Dr. Henri Coanda, the Romanian father of fluid dynamics and a Nobel Prize winner at 78 yrs old, spent six decades studying the Hunza water trying to determine what it was in this water that caused such beneficial effects for the body. He discovered that it had a different viscosity and surface tension. Dr. Patrick Flanagan and others continued the research. They found Hunza water had a high alkaline pH and an extraordinary amount of active hydrogen (hydrogen with an extra electron), with a negative Redox Potential and a high colloidal mineral content. The water is living and provides health benefits that other types of drinking water cannot. Similar natural water properties and longevity are found in other remote unpolluted places such as the Shin-Chan areas of China, the Caucasus in Azerbaijan, and in the Andes Mountains.

What is Kangen Water®?

Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic’s innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.

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Kangen Water Filter The Gold Standard

Enagic Kangen Alkaline Water Filter

Gold Standard in Water Filtration Machines

Kangen Alkaline Water Filter YouTube Channel

Enagic has pioneered the way for continuous Kangen Water generation and filtration systems. We integrate the latest scientific research and superior Japanese craftsmanship to create a water filtration machine that is designed to optimize your water.


All Enagic alkaline water machines are made in our factory in Kantano City, Japan, where we can ensure the superiority of our manufacturing process.

But this doesn’t mean that residents can’t conveniently purchase this exceptional product for their water purification and neutralization needs.

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Perhaps you are interested in alkaline water  filters or water ionization. Maybe you have questions about healthbalance, and wellness as it relates to the water you drink. You may already know that Kangen Water filters are the gold standard in water purification and are ready to purchase your Kangen Water generating system.

Whatever the case is, Chris Moretti is here to answer your questions and help you purchase your at-home water purification system. You could be drinking healthy Kangen water before you know it!

And once you own your own Kangen Water generating system, you can rest assured that we stand behind our products with global repair and support service for our units, something no other company offers!


Kangen Water Orlando Florida

Enagic Kangen Water Orlando Florida. Enagic has a Office in Orlando that ships Kangen Water system to all Florida Cities. Order online in Florida Click Here to have you Kangen water system ship to your door in Florida.

Enagic USA and its related branch offices are the dedicated distribution arm and marketing force for Enagic Co., Ltd. throughout the United States offering Kangen alkaline water filtration systems.

Who is Enagic International?

For over three decades, Japan-based Enagic International has been the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines. Kangen Water® machines are used in hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide to transform tap water into pure, healthy alkaline drinking water.

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The true meaning of Kangen Alkaline Water (Kangen, a Japanese term, meaning to return to the origin).

Our corporate philosophy is based on three basic principles:

  1. Realizing true physical health
  2. Realizing true financial health
  3. Realizing true mental/metaphysical health

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