Kangen Water Pets Free Giveaways

We are giving away h20 pet bottle each month all summer long. Text kangenpet to 555888 for a chance to get a free water bottle for your pet.  Hydrate your pets this summer with Kangen Water.

Text kangenpet to 555888

h20 pet bottle

USA only and Must be 18 or older. We are giving away 4 h2o pet bottles from May 15 to August 30 2013

No purchase necessary, Kangen machine owners do not qualify!! You will be added to our list for future Promo’s. No Spam and we do not sell our list. Winners are selected by http://www.simpletexting.com


Water is an important but often overlooked nutrient for Pets.

As a matter of fact, water—the often forgotten nutrient—may be the “greatest medicine” for many specific ailments for all animals.

kangen water for pets

The Pets body consists approximately of about 65-75 percent water. The 10 percent discrepancy can be accounted for by differences in age and amount of body fat and muscle mass.

Water is critical for all body metabolic activities, and is required for a number of fundamental physiological processes, including normal utilization and digestion of all nutrients, regulation of body temperature, and muscle contraction with strength, joint lubrication and waste elimination.

Kangen Water® is a healthy antioxidant, which hydrates, provides a pH balance, detoxifies and much more, then can we share this water with our pets?  The answer is a resounding YES!

kangen water for pets

Water from Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine can improve the quality of life for our favorite pets.  Consider the fact that these animals spend all their time on the floor, the ground and even on chairs where we have used chemicals for cleaning and where they are prone to bacteria, insects and parasites.  Our pets can benefit from drinking Kangen Water, which can increase their immunity to these challenges, and help to detoxify their systems.

When you give your pets some water, do you provide water from a bottle
or do you fill up their bowl straight from the tap?  Either one of these could be harming your beloved furry friends.  The bottled water is most likely very acidic, which creates a breeding ground for disease and discomfort, and the tap water is most likely loaded with chlorine, lye and other potentially harmful chemicals. So the same problems which can affect us from poor water sources can also affect our pets.

Therefore, when our pets are introduced to healthier, alkalized, ionized water, just like with people, pets have had amazing results.  Pets who have been drinking Kangen Water® have enjoyed more energy, brighter eyes, shinier coat, and healthier joints. Kangen Water® can be made in a variety of pH levels.  It is recommended that most pets drink the lowest alkaline pH level of 8.5.  Many pets are finding relief to their problems by drinking Kangen Water®.

With Enagic’s SD501 home machine you can make a variety of different waters straight from the tap which can be used for all sorts of different pet needs. Some for drinking, some for cleaning, some for disinfecting, so there are many ways that pets will benefit through the use of the waters with different pH levels.