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Work From Home!

Let me share a recent discovery with you…

The United States Strategic Perspective Institute has suggested even more great reasons to work from home. Working from home is a smart option for eco-conscious professionals, as it can save countless resources.

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Take a look at these statistics about American’s annual commute:

  • Americans commute 36.9 billion hours a year
  • Americans drive 1.9 trillion miles commuting
  • Americans spend $255 billion on gasoline
    for commuting
  • Americans consume 60.5 billion gallons of
    to commute
  • Americans release 1.16 trillion pounds of 

Here are a few reasons you should consider working from home:

  • You can help reduce our reliance on foreign oil
  • You can help reduce pollution
  • You can help reduce global warming
  • You can save money
  • You can help reduce the costs for road
    and highway maintenance


Your Enagic® Business

That’s not to say you should accept just any work-from-home job! There are a number of scams and expensive, unfruitful ploys that are easy to stumble across and get trapped in.

When you are looking for a reliable, certified company that provides proven results and countless success storiesyou can trust Enagic®!

As an Enagic® distributor, you will have unlimited potential to earn income andexceed all your financial expectations. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for, to reach your financial dreams, conserve resources by staying at home, and improve the health and lives of your community with Kangen Water®.

There has never been a better time to realize physical and financial health with Kangen Water®.

Find out more about how you can avoid a wasteful commute by becoming financially successful as an Enagic® distributor from the comfort of your own home!


“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.”

~ Henry Hartman